Saturday, 03 February 2007 19:00

Respect for Nigerian Rights

Economic hardship at home has turned Nigeria into a nation of emmigrants. The side effect of it is the lack of respect for the rights of Nigerians as enshrined in various national constitutions and in international laws. The Embassy of Indonesia in Nigeria is taking advantage of Nigerians by enforcing rules, which few other nations can accept, upon Nigerians, this time even in Nigeria. Indonesia has sacked many local embassy staff in Nigeria for refusing to accept labour rules that amount to slavery.  Read More About An Account of the Indonesian Embassy's Maltreatment of Nigerians.

The Citizens for Nigeria calls on the Nigerian people and government to mount pressure on the Indonesian Embassy to re-absorb the sacked Nigerian employees.

It is time to reclaim the respect for Nigerian citizens, home and abroad. The way to do this is to fight for our rights, whenever it is trampled upon, as is in this case, where a paralyzed Nigerian government is not ready to defend the rights of its citizens within its own borders.