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Expose the Fraudsters in the National Assembly!

by CFN

The Citizens for Nigeria (CFN) is deeply troubled by media accounts of the possibility that within the National Assembly lurks dishonorable fraudsters.  Senator Nuhu Aliyu of Niger State, who raised the fear that some federal lawmakers are known criminals, was ready to immediately release names of the masquerading legislators to the citizens of Nigeria, but was abruptly and inexplicably shut down by the Senate leadership.

All Nigerians should be extremely disturbed by this allegation, and a resounding demand must be made right away that the identity of the fraudsters in the midst of the National Assembly be revealed without further delay. It is a very serious matter that should concern every right-thinking Nigerian.

As a top-notch police officer, Senator Aliyu must know what he was talking about. He must have some information. And the information must be revealed to Nigerians, who, the legislators represent. Right now! The public’s right to know overrides any national or political concerns of the Senate leadership

We salute the courage and integrity displayed by the lawmaker. The singular action of courage and intrepidity by the former Deputy Inspector General of Police distinguishes him from the pack of fortune-seekers and political opportunists in the political arena. Nigerians must be proud of Senator Aliyu. His action is indicative of hope for change; even in these times when corruption is so prevalent. Honorable men and women still exist and forthrightly fight, and Senator Aliyu is a prime testimony.

While the CFN sincerely hopes that Senator Nuhu Aliyu is not just blowing smoke where there is no fire, we do not hesitate to categorically and unequivocally commend the senator for his courage. Similarly, we hope that the distinguished senator from Niger State does not allow his noble resolve in this regard to be suppressed by the seemingly heavily entrenched and undoubtedly fraudulent powers that be, even as this recent development goes into the so-called Ethics and Privileges Committees of the National Assembly for well-deserved investigation, as has been ordered by the Senate President, Honorable David Mark.

The revelation essentially triggers a most important national dialogue that many Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora, will in the next several weeks be forced to discuss. When a nation is ruled by dirty, rotten scoundrels, it is, indeed, an extremely worrying situation. 

The CFN also salutes the courage of the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Honorable Dimeji Bankole for his follow-on call to initiate a similar investigation in the Lower House Chambers. Without any doubt, we welcome any action that will redirect the nation’s focus on the war against corruption and crime, not only on the streets, but in high places everywhere in Nigeria.

Taking a hard line towards corruption at this time is welcomed and needed. There is a fledging distrust of the Presidency in its commitment to fighting corruption, following the shady re-assignment of the first EFCC boss, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, to a useless so-called management course at the Nigerian Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru. That move has been widely criticized by observers as highly suspicious, if not out-rightly dubious.

Nigerians have a real need. They very much have a need to be able to believe in their government to effectively and transparently tackle the nation’s single most destructive social vice; the infestation of fraudsters in both public and private sectors of the Nigerian society. The CFN holds the view that any appearance of secrecy on the part of any organ of government in the supposedly on-going war against corruption and fraud will not only cast a bad light on the government at all levels, but will further erode confidence in the administration.

The CFN takes the position that the integrity and moral sanctity of the National Assembly, and by extension, all state houses of assembly must never be allowed to be compromised by dishonorable scavengers. We demand that fraudsters, if known to be present anywhere within any organ of government, must be immediately exposed and directed to where they rightly belong - prison. We further hold the view that fraudsters in whatever shade or orientation have no business in the making of laws anywhere in Nigeria.

Our people have a right to expect a high standard of decency among their legislators, especially at the National Assembly. Therefore, the National Assembly not only has a certain obligation, but a sacred duty as well, to uphold the dignity, honor and glory of the nation. It is shameful for any nation to include fraudsters as elected members of the highest level of law making. Laws made from such chambers have little value and no credibility. The trend is very devastating to the collective image and reputation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This must not only be totally investigated in an expedited manner, but, if found to be true, must be prosecuted according to the rule of law with dispatch. 

If the leadership of the federal legislature knowingly allows the existence of so-called 419ers among its ranks,  that would certainly be recorded as the lowest ebb in the nation’s political development and the leadership would have failed in its constitutional and sacred duty to Nigeria.

Once again, the CFN salutes the courage of Senator Nuhu Aliyu in bringing this issue into public knowledge in the manner that he did.

The whole world is watching. Fraudsters parading the chambers of the legislature must be identified now and flushed out quickly!

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