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Probe Obasanjo and Leave None Behind

by CFN

The Citizens for Nigeria (CFN) welcomes with optimism for the future of Nigeria, the attempt by the National Assembly to find ways through which the former President, General Olusegun Obasanjo, has impoverished the nation. It is now public knowledge that the former President is nothing but a pretender, having helped himself, family and cohorts to loot the nation in his eight years in power. However, the CFN is also interested that the dragnet be spread so wide that all those who stole from the national treasury long before now, from anytime of possible record, be publicly scrutinized for fraud. The list should be long, and include all those retired generals, bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen living in unlimited influence and affluence.

In taking this position, the CFN seriously considered the failure of Obasanjo himself to probe those who the public clamored should be prosecuted, while he had the opportunity to do so. Obasanjo will realize, after he is made to face the reality of the rule of law as it applies to criminal self-enrichment, that he not only made a mistake in allowing his associates and himself to dip dirty hands into public funds, but also by failing to bring his old friends in the military establishment to book when he could have.

There should be no exemption as to who should be investigated. Obasanjo, of course, deserves to be probed, going by the seriousness of the allegations against him. In particular, we are worried by the mass profligacy surrounding the energy projects of the Obasanjo administration. That an amount as much as $16 billion could still be wasted in Nigeria at this day and age is simply ludicrous! A nation that has just gone through 28 years of austerity measures should know better than waste such huge amounts.

Obasanjo is also accused of being involved in various other corrupt  activities, including questionable land allocation, jobs paid for but not done, and the like. No one in his right patriotic mind would oppose the investigation of these allegations and prosecution of the former President, who made fighting corruption one of the bold signatures of his administration.

Nonetheless, as Obasanjo's alleged corruption and its investigation takes form, we point the nation to the need to ensure that no corrupt leader is left behind. Everynone, and we say again, everyone, who has stolen the nation's money, no matter when, should be prosecuted.

 It is unacceptable that those who stole national funds in our very eyes will continue to enjoy our money in our very face. All the military generals, bureaucrats and politicians who are believed to have stolen must still be brought to book. We cannot be so engrossed with Obasanjo that we lose sight of those who committed similar offences.


General Ibrahim Babangida, Admiral Mike Akhigbe, General Jeremiah Useni, General Theophilus Danjuma, Anthony Anenih, Abdulsalam Abubakar, Abubakar Atiku, Mike Adenuga and all the other filthy rich former public officials and saprophytic businessmen, who have never been considered as candidates for prosecution - and whom we all know have more money than they should be able to have - need to be probed before they die.

Time is of the essence. Those who stole Nigeria's $400 billion in 40 years are reaching their ripe ages, and are about to transfer the wealth to their offsprings. If this is allowed to happen, there will no longer be a way to get the money back. We must go back all the way, as far as public records can take us, and identify where our funds have illegally gone. Then, we must bring all the criminals to book.

It is a matter of national urgency. The question is: does the Yar'Adua administration have the will do the right thing?

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