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Letter to Goodluck Jonathan


Just before the Acting President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, dismissed federal ministers, the Citizens for Nigeria wrote to him. We can now reveal the contents of our letter delivered to the Aso Rock Presidential Villa by DHL:

This Is Your Moment To Act [Download Letter]

The Citizens for Nigeria worldwide write you with warm greetings, enthusiasm for change, hope for the future and tender care for the fatherland. We have watched with great interest events in our dear country over the last 100 days and are relieved that you have eventually received the necessary backing to assume your duties as Acting President, following the indisposition of President Umaru Yar’Adua.

Mr. Acting President, we wish you well and pray that you succeed in this herculean task of remolding a nearly broken nation at this delicate moment of our tortured democratic history.

Even in our hopes that you succeed, we feel this powerful urge to write and emphatically ask you without mincing words that you must act decisively on the things you need to do by using the power that is in your hands. Power has been given to you for a purpose and that purpose must be fulfilled before it is too late.

Nigeria is a nation abundantly blessed, but which has failed to meet her full potentials mainly because of greed, selfishness, a lack of vision and a weak sense of purpose. As a result, the masses of this great nation have suffered greatly over the years, under military and civilian administrations. The citizens have waited on a messiah who has never arrived. They are fast losing hope.

The circumstances leading to your assumption of power, Mr. Acting President, will convince even the skeptic God has a plan for Nigeria, and you are at the center of it.

We see a bright ray of hope in you, a sincerity that is not hard to feel and a vision that is both good for the ruled and the ruler. We have considered how you are moving to rebuild the electoral laws, ensure the fairness of elections and the enthronement of social justice.

We also see all around you a brood of vipers, a gangling of detractors and a parade of political scavengers.  The same old flock that we know all too good for the problems they have brought the nation are milling around you, waiting for an opportunity to derail your programs, if not eliminate you.

This is why we have decided to write to express the urgency that you must act now to save your administration, your legacy, our nation and our hopes. Get rid of them and get your hands to the task at hand. You must exercise the power that you have decisively, resolutely and unambiguously to rid the executive arm of government of loafers who may distract or destroy so that you can begin to quickly implement programs that the people need.

Many of the problems facing Nigeria are simple ones and require simple solutions. The nation needs electrical power, provide it. The nation needs good roads, build them. The nation needs good hospitals, establish them. Take on the simple problems and solve them first. Endear yourself to the heart of the people by providing quick solutions to problems that can be solved by the allocation of resources.

Closely linked to that is to ensure those who implement them are not just interested in lining their pockets. They must share your vision and be ready to partake in your legacy. It is very important that you surround yourself with good people. Work with those you can trust to do a good job for you and for the people. In the same vein, connect yourself to the common man only through those you can trust. Get facts directly and do not rely on assistants who will attempt to fill you only with good news.

Time is of the essence. No one knows how long you will be in power but God. However, if you move to rule with decisiveness immediately, you can not only perform a miracle of putting the nation on the right track for the first time in our checkered history, but may win the trust of the people and thereby extend your tenure to a full term presidency. You can take away the disillusionment from the land if you act.

Please Mr. Acting President, wait not on those who will ask you to be patient. There is no time to waste. If you fail to act, the cabal lurking all around will consume you and your legacy will be impaired.

The civil society, of which we are one, will provide you full support, so long as we see you doing the work that must be done to restore human dignity, enjoyment of life, fundamental freedom and social justice in our nation. If the job is being done, you can count on us.

This is your moment. This is your time. You must take the moment. You must make the most of the time.

Respectfully yours,

                Chris Tunde Odediran, Roselle, NJ

                Henry Ayo Abimbola, Converse, TX


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