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Welcome, Citizens of Nigeria

by Web Master on12 June 2004 4943 times

After we retired former military dictator, Ibrahim Babangida, early in his doomed political career, the temptation was to go to bed and simply relax. But how could we, when the problems of Nigeria were far from being over? Can we safely retire in the assurance that all is now well? Of course, not! 

We never set out to address only the Babangida problem. However, because he was the most serious threat to our survival as a nation, he had to be given an urgent and special attention. Even now, we do not think he is completely neutralized, and we must keep a watchful eye on him, even as we continue to seek ways to bring him to justice for his crimes.

While Babangida is a critical virus partially disabled, he is not the only problem with Nigeria. It is time to move on. With the critical 2007 elections so near, and the nation so troubled, the struggle is far from over.

For those who know little about the Citizens for Nigeria, and our successful campaign at, please read more at the About Us page.

The Citizens for Nigeria will be a place to know Nigeria very deeply, to understand the issues from a very rich perspective, and get help in making intelligent political choices. We will work together to recapture the power that the rulers have snatched from our hands. We will make Nigeria what it should be. We, the people, have the power. And we should begin to exercise it. Starting from here.


"Apart from a brief period of civilian rule between 1979 and 1983, a succession of military governments ruled Nigeria from the mid-1960s right through until 1999 when a civilian government led by Olusegun Obasanjo, himself a former military head of state, was elected into office. During this era dominated by the military, a small group of senior officers became both extremely wealthy and also very powerful in business and political circles. It was also widely recognised to have been a time in which massive high-level corruption and economic mismanagement severely undermined the country's development." The BBC

"The psyche of the Nigerian people is not just bruised but psychologically assaulted in such a way that those who are governing us have blood on their hands. Nothing will wash the blood off the hands of Babangida, Abdulsalami and Obasanjo until the Oputa panel report is implemented." -Gani Fawehinmi

"...For now, former military officers and their allies dominate politics not just at the level of the presidential candidates, but behind the scenes as well. Few doubt the continuing influence Nigeria's longest serving military leader, General Ibrahim Babangida (1985-1993), holds in the election process.He is reputed to be one of Nigeria's best connected and wealthiest individuals in a country where money plays a central role in politics." BBC

"...We are talking here of a population of 140 million people; the largest and most important Black nation in the world and so the stakes are high. I take Nigeria seriously. It is politically, culturally and economically strategic. It is the hope on which everything in Africa and Black world - Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba etc depend. They all look up to Nigeria to give them hope and leadership..." Ike Okonta

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